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What Is Your SEO Company Doing For You?

During my conversations with small business owners, I am often surprised with how often they are unaware of the work being done on their behalf by their SEO companies.

A vast majority of business owners understand the importance of having their website rank well for relevant search terms in their industry, but very few of them are able to tell me exactly what work is being done in order to accomplish this. “I’ve got people working on that” is a common claim. But when pressed to explain what “that” is, many owners are at a loss.

This is not uncommon; after all, business owners are very busy running their businesses; this is why they hire digital agencies. But – as many business owners have unfortunately discovered – hiring the wrong marketing firm can result in large amounts of wasted time, money, and even worse – an improperly run SEO program can penalize a website on search engines and cause problems for years to come.

Here are some essential pieces of information that every small business owner should obtain from their current or potential SEO vendor:

  1. Transparency – What specific work is being performed on a monthly basis and where can I access this information? Many business owners are given reports that are nothing more than “dressed up” analytics, but do not actually showcase the work that has been done. For example, each and every client of EM Search consulting is able to see the actual content created (on and off page) as well as every social post and piece of coding that has been changed on the site. It is important to have the ability to see the tangible work being done on their behalf.
  1. Goal Tracking – How is your agency tracking your ROI? Do you know where your site was ranking before work started vs. where it ranks now? How has this translated into traffic? Do you know how many phone leads, email leads, form submissions, etc. that your program generated? This is all information that any SEO company should provide in each report so that you as a business owner can clearly understand the value of your investment.
  1. New Ideas – Google changes its algorithm over 500 times a year. There are constantly new features and products that become available. Is your agency proactively introducing new ways to adapt to and utilize the constant changes that are happening online in order to maximize the potential of your marketing dollars? When was the last time your representative reached out to you to keep you informed of the newest trends in internet marketing?

At EM Search Consulting, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of successful results, which are founded in customized programs that fit your specific goals. Our clients enjoy hands-on, proactive customer service as well as complete transparency and accountability. If you find yourself in the dark when it comes to what exactly your SEO company is doing for your business, please contact EM Search Consulting.

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