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Sales Consultant Intern

Are you looking to take your sales game to the next level? Enter the big leagues by learning from the best digital marketing sales team in the Windy City!


Are you looking to take your sales game to the next level? Enter the big leagues by learning from the best digital marketing sales team in the Windy City! 

EM Search Consulting is seeking a highly motivated individual for our Sales Consultant Internship. In this role, you’ll learn from our talented and confident sales team how we land high-end clients from across the country. The right candidate will be mentored, observe sales personnel as they make cold calls, and participate in sales from our stunning office in Chicago’s West Loop.  

If you’re ready to learn and receive first-hand experiences that teach you how to become a phenomenal digital marketing sales consultant, then please apply for our Sales Consultant Internship at EMSC. 


  • Data Entry for Revenue Information and Reports: Accurately input revenue data into company systems and generate detailed reports for analysis.
  • Assist with Proposal Creation: Conduct basic research for clients and prospects, helping to craft compelling proposals that address their needs.
  • Create Sales Aids: Organize stats, case studies, and sales collateral into effective sales aids that enhance sales presentations.
  • Evaluate Lead Quality: Review search terms and assess leads using CallRail AI to determine their potential and relevance.
  • Set Appointments via Email Blasts: Design and send email blasts to schedule appointments with prospective clients.
  • Attend and Participate in Client Appointments: Join various client appointments, demos, and proposals, gaining real-world sales experience.
  • Work with a Mentor Sales Representative: Collaborate with a mentor sales rep throughout the internship to understand the business and sales process.
  • Shadow and Lead Cold Calls: Observe and participate in field/phone cold calls with a mentor to generate new leads from current and new accounts.
  • Exposure to Various Aspects of the Sales Process: Learn about different parts of the sales process through collaboration with internal stakeholders.
  • Receive Coaching and Feedback: Obtain guidance from a mentor and manager on intern-led activities to improve skills and techniques.
  • Conclude with a Final Project: Create and deliver a mock customer sales pitch as the final project of the internship.
  • Grow New Market Share: Prospect and develop new customer bases, creating new market share.
  • Strengthen Existing Customer Partnerships: Foster relationships with existing customers within commercial accounts.
  • Cultivate New Leads: Develop new leads through referrals, networking groups, cold calling, and company-provided leads.
  • Efficiently Manage Territory Resources: Maximize daily production and customer relationships by managing territory resources effectively.
  • Provide Security Consultations: Offer security consultations to customers, including design, scope of work, theory of operation, and solution integration.
  • Promote and Cross-Sell Products: Advocate for and cross-sell all company products and services.


  • Strong Attention to Detail: Keen eye for maintaining and improving processes through meticulous attention to detail.
  • Passion for Process Improvement: Enthusiasm for refining and enhancing existing workflows.
  • Good Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify problems and find effective solutions, both independently and in a team.
  • Excellent Communication and Time-Management Skills: Clear communicator with the ability to manage multiple projects efficiently.
  • Willingness to Learn and Adapt to New Tools: Eagerness to learn and quickly adapt to new tools and technologies. 
  • Valid Driver’s License: Must have a valid driver’s license with an acceptable record issued by the State of residence.
  • Strong Work Ethic and Competitive Spirit: Driven, action-oriented, and optimistic in achieving positive results.
  • Organized and Fast Learner: Ability to learn quickly and stay organized while managing multiple tasks.
  • Collaborative Team Player: Works well with others to achieve shared goals.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Takes initiative and has a creative, solutions-focused mindset.

Additional Benefits & Perks For Our Interns:

  • Cold brew on tap in the office.
  • A stunning rooftop deck with sweeping views of downtown Chicago.
  • A variety of snacks to keep you fueled and energized.
  • West Loop / West Town brick-and-mortar office.
  • The office is conveniently Accessible From The L & #9 Ashland Bus Route.
  • Plenty of free parking is available around the office

Career Growth Potential:

At EMSC, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for career advancement. As a Sales Intern, you will have the chance to learn from our experienced team members and gain valuable skills in digital marketing and sales.

We believe in promoting from within and encourage our team members to take on new challenges and responsibilities as they grow. Your dedication and hard work can lead to exciting career opportunities within our organization. Join us in shaping the digital landscape and advancing your career with EMSC.

About Us:

EMSC is a dynamic digital marketing agency located in the vibrant West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL. We specialize in delivering top-notch services in SEO, paid advertising management, and web design & development. Our team is driven by innovation, creativity, and a passion for helping our clients achieve online success.

(Part-Time Tuesday Through Thursdays; On-Site)

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