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Local Chicago SEO

Local SEO has become increasingly important over the past few years and has also become increasingly complicated. It seems that Google in particular has really started to put an end to “junk links” and irrelevant content. Local SEO has shifted and given way to the things that consumers care about when making a local buying decision. Reviews, complete local business listings, efficient social media campaigns and a site that is informational and user friendly has slowly taken the place of fictitious links and tactics like burying zip codes in the footer of the site.

There has also been some research pointing to the fact that SEO rankings can be bolstered by speeding up the load time of your site. Check your speed out at http://tools.pingdom.com/. It makes sense, if your site loads slowly, you don’t have an abundance of reviews or your site isn’t mobile friendly why would a search engine want to give you the valuable space on top of their results?

Beyond these few takeaways there are a lot of other factors that will impact your local SEO. For a FREE evaluation on your site please contact us today.

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