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Blue Frost Heating & Cooling is a locally owned full-service residential and commercial HVAC company that is located in West Chicago and has been serving the west Chicagoland suburbs since 1973. When we took over their SEO, we addressed their vanity website issue, organized their main website’s content, and increased their off-page link building.

Start date

April 2017



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Organic Traffic

The Problem

They had an additional vanity url with a live website on it that was very similar to their main site. While vanity urls were an effective method in the past, they are now detrimental to your SEO efforts – the major reason being they cause confusion with both potential customers and search engines when it cannot be determined which website is actually your main site.

Additionally, they did not have a lot of organized content on their website and not much off-page link building and content building had been done to improve their authority with search engines.

The Solution

Our first step was to take down the vanity url and disassociate it from their main website. We also reclaimed all directory listings associated with their company that had been linked to the vanity url.

Working closely with their ownership and marketing manager, we then built out a new and highly customized website and developed a monthly content creation calendar to expand the width and depth of their site content to improve their trust and authority with Google.

All the while, we developed high quality off-page content that reflected their HVAC expertise and influenced the search engines in a positive way to begin moving their keyword rankings into top positions.


Comparing year over year Q1 results between 2018 and 2019 gives insight into this program’s success.

Website Traffic


Organic Traffic


New Users







keywords ranking on the first page of Google

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