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EON Clinics

Search Engine Optimization


The Overview

148 Keywords Ranking In The Top 3 Positions

EON Clinics is a regional dental implant center that provides highly specialized dental implant services to patients around Chicagoland and Southern Wisconsin.

We began our partnership because they wanted a custom SEO approach that stayed true to their voice and brand. They were aware of the strengths of their competitors but knew there was a place for them in the marketplace, we just needed to find it.

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148 keywords

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The Problem

EON Clinics’ biggest weakness is competition and industry saturation. As an expensive and specialized procedure, dental implants are the highest valued service offered by dental practices.

This means competition is high for multidisciplinary and individualized practices alike. EON Clinics only offers dental implant services, unlike some of their competitors who offer a full suite of dental services.

EON Clinics is also competing with big-name leaders in the industry who have national recognition.

The Solution

Our strategy focused on getting in front of individuals who are nearing the end of the conversion funnel. People who have done their research, understand what kind of dental implants they need and are familiar with the language are most valuable to EON Clinics. We focused on targeting keywords with these intent signals and quickly moved up the SERP. We also used the industry authority already established by EON Clinics to optimized well-performing pages for featured snippet content.

Hyperlocal SEO strategies are also an important part of this campaign. In an industry that’s densely populated with competitors, getting in from of people who are in close proximity to office locations and have distinct location-based search intent is extremely important. Optimizing for hyperlocal search improves the conversion likelihood of organic traffic.

Our Results

Six months after their program started, organic website traffic has increased dramatically.

Website Traffic



New Users






keywords on page one


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