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Parent-Focused Advertising

As the only mom in the office, I feel obliged to take on the task of writing about how our company can help prepare clients for the challenges of targeting parents. With the holidays upon us, digital marketing campaigns are in full force. By now, many companies know their target audience and have a plan in place to reach them. However, it’s never too late to plan for next quarter or make adjustments to your current marketing strategy for the holidays.

At EM Search Consulting, we are here to help guide you for year-long success in your digital marketing campaign. Here are some tips for targeting parents this holiday season (and all year long), because let’s face it, parenting isn’t something that just happens during the holidays.

Mobile Site

As a parent to a busy teen and soon-to-be newborn, I cannot stress enough that convenience is key. If your site is not mobile-friendly with features like “click-to-call” or easy navigation, you are losing customers who are ready to buy or book on the spot. Working parents, especially, have no time to waste and are more likely to call on a professional for help.

More and more people are using their smartphones to book appointments, make purchases and complete research. When you throw a couple of kids into the mix, you have a customer who is constantly in motion. This client is relying on their phone, so if your website is not mobile compatible, you are losing customers. Your mobile site needs to be optimized as well, just as your regular desktop website should be.

Discounts & Coupons

Nowadays, two incomes are usually necessary to raise a family, unlike in the past when only one income was sufficient.

We all know that kids can suck your money dry (yay for business owners but yikes for parents!). With both parents working just to get by, it’s important for families to take advantage of sales and discounts. Families are constantly striving to save as much money as they can, as a dollar here and there can really add up. When you can offer a special or coupon, your parental consumers are going to be more likely to make a purchase.


Reviews are crucial for any business or product, but they are especially important when targeting parents. The main thing parents strive for is the health and safety of their kids. Parents need to know that the money they are investing in your product or service will provide them with a quality outcome. Of course, it’s great if someone can trust you simply by looking at your amazing website, but in reality, most people need to hear validation from other sources. If your business is in the service industry, they are trusting you to come into their home, maybe even while they are away.

Don’t stress about every review being a 5-star rating. From personal experience, most consumers are going to be most willing to write an exceptional review if they were pleased or a not-so-great review if they were not. There’s very few in between. However, the more reviews the better, so people can see that you have experience. EM Search Consulting can help you get more reviews from real clients.

In Conclusion

Businesses should be tapping into the guilt factor that really gets to parents – ‘my kid deserves the best.’ Our clients should know that millennial parents tend to react more to emotional advertising and are interested in the products and services that enhance the well-being of their families.

Make sure your mobile site is top-notch, easy to use and optimized. Most parents are on a budget and need to be wise with their purchases, so offer a discount that your competitor doesn’t. Having reviews for your business or product is crucial for parents to make purchasing decisions. Plus, if you secure a loyal customer with a mom or dad, you might be securing a client down the road with their child.

EM Search Consulting can help to get your mobile site up to speed and optimized for mobile users. We can help to leverage your discounts and put them in front of consumers to draw more sales and we can set you up with review software that is easy to use. Contact EM Search Consulting today for a free consultation.

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