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Videos play an enormous role in SEO for many reasons. They are more engaging than text, easily shareable, and show your audience who you are.

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Importance of Video for your Marketing Campaign

Videos play an enormous role in SEO for many reasons. They are more engaging than text, easily shareable, and show your audience who you are. When clients are researching services or products, they want to be sure they have all of the facts. A video will capture their attention and oftentimes lead them to continue to a site for more information. For SEO purposes, video engagement such as views, shares, and comments helps them rank higher in search engine results.

The Facts

There is plenty of research supporting the effectiveness of videos when promoting a brand. A video increases the relatability of a company and increases the likelihood of a consumer clicking the link or purchasing the product. Blog posts with videos attract more inbound links than those without, and consumers are more likely to share content if it contains a video. A viewer is significantly more likely to retain information they receive in a video compared to that of text. More facts about the importance of video can be found here.

Types of Videos You Can Feature

Product videos are a great way to go into detail about the product or services you offer. Since video is more engaging than text, you can take time to explain detailed aspects of it without losing the interest of the viewer. This video should not only discuss what the product or service is but also why the viewer would benefit from it.

A ‘Meet the Team’ video may seem superfluous but serves an important purpose. It shows the potential client who they will be working with. Putting a name to a face is a valuable tool in building a brand. A patient seeking a medical procedure may want to know about the doctors they will be working with and someone seeking legal representation who watches a video of the attorney may be more likely to obtain their services over those of another attorney.

Testimonial videos can be a powerful way for your reviews to come to life. When researching a service consumers will want to know the experience of those who have used it before them and a video is an effective way to communicate real success.

Distributing Your Video Content

Shareability is a major reason video content is so effective. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram algorithms favor video content. Not only that but the viewer is also more inclined to share video content rather than text. Many platforms make sharing videos extremely easy, so unlike blogs or newsletters, this can be distributed to a very large audience.

The benefits of including video in your marketing campaign are endless, contact us to learn more about how to use video to promote your business.

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