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Store Visits Conversion in Google Ads

Are Store Visits Important to Your Business?

If visits to a physical store like a car dealership, office, hotel, or store are important to your business, you can now use Google Ads conversion tracking to help your ad clicks influence store visits. The ability to see how many store visits are driven from your paid advertising will help you make informed decisions on your ad creative, spend, and bid strategy.  

How Does It Work?

Store visit data is an anonymous, aggregated statistic in your Google Ad conversions. Google creates modeled numbers by using current and past data on the number of people who have clicked or viewed an ad and later visited your physical store. In order to ensure the privacy and safety of users, it is not tied to individual ad clicks or people. 

What Do I Need To Start Tracking Store Visits?

  • Have a verified Google My Business account linked to your Google Ad account.
  • Ensure location extensions are active in your Google Ad account. 
  • Have sufficient store visit data on the backend to attribute to an ad click or viewable impressions traffic in order to pass privacy thresholds
  • Receive thousands of ad clicks and viewable impressions

Work with your Account Manager at EMSC to start tracking store visits as a conversion in your Google Ad account today!

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