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Straight Outta Beta: Responsive Search Ads

That’s the great thing about Google Ads: it’s never satisfied with current functionality. Google Ads now offers responsive search ads (still in beta), which allows ads to adapt to show more text and more relevant messages to customers. Our team at EM Search Consulting will craft multiple headlines and descriptions, and Google Ads does the heavy lifting by automatically testing different combinations to determine what ad combinations perform best. From there, it will adapt your ad’s content to match potential customer’s search queries and behaviors. Pretty cool, right?

Who Cares?

You want your ads to appeal to customers on a personal level, especially when it comes to what information they are trying to find. Responsive search ads are flexible because they adapt to each device’s width, giving you more room to share information with customers. You will also save time by providing multiple headlines and description options and relying on Google to make the perfect match for your customers. The end result is an increase in ad performance by attracting more clicks and conversions that traditional text ads.

How Our Team Can Help

We will craft multiple different headlines and descriptions of different lengths, including keywords when relevant, to help increase the number of combinations that Google has to assemble. We will also highlight additional products or services to appeal to a wider audience.

Because responsive search ads are still in beta, our team will regularly monitor the status of the ads to ensure they are successful. As we continue to learn more information about responsive search ads and best practices, we will tailor our campaigns accordingly.

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