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The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business

The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business

Online activity tracking is a staple for marketers and business owners in our current digital environment. When we hear the word “tracking” related to a business, we first think of Google Analytics and its ability to monitor information about online visitors and record conversion data that takes place on a website. What many people forget to consider are those that still prefer to use traditional marketing channels. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, phone calls are more relevant than ever. No matter if phone calls are your business’ livelihood or they are a part of your business that you are looking to grow, call tracking should be an essential part of your marketing plan to help make smarter business decisions and drive better results.

What Is Call Tracking?

At its simplest, call tracking is a way of recording how many calls your business is getting and where they come from. This allows marketers and business owners to determine how many leads are coming from their website vs. Google ads vs. Facebook ads vs. organic searches or any other marketing tactics they may be using, as well as gain additional insight on potential customers.  Call tracking is implemented on a website through a small snippet of code placed on the back end of the site, and can be integrated with Google AdWords and other similar data metrics as well.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Call Tracking?

No matter how big or small, any company that could earn new business from phone calls should utilize call tracking. However, there are few different industries where phone calls are their company’s true bread and butter. When people are searching for a medical professional, for example, they most often want to speak to a live person, as this is someone that they are going to trust with their health and well-being. This idea is similar for home service companies like cleaning services, plumbers, HVAC, etc. Most people in search of a home service company need this service in a timely manner and are therefore much more likely to call the business rather than fill out a form and wait for a response.

Take your digital marketing to the next level with call tracking. You may already have an awesome website and a great marketing plan, but in order for your business to succeed you need the right tools to analyze and optimize its success.

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