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The Importance of Landing Pages for Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

Landing pages are an indispensable part of paid advertising campaigns and more specifically, lead generation efforts. A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is distinct from your website and developed for the purpose of advertising. If you’re investing money into a paid marketing strategy to capture leads from potential new customers, don’t you want to make sure you’re giving this prospect the exact information you promised them in your ad?

Here are a few reasons you should implement landing pages if you haven’t already.

Landing Pages Increase Conversions & Eliminate Distraction

Landing pages are created specifically for the purpose of capturing leads. Each landing page we create at EMSC is unique and caters to the specific service or product that you are advertising. They are centered around a clear call-to-action and are rid of any external links or irrelevant information that could distract the visitor from the main purpose of the page – converting. Additionally, the content on each landing page focuses on keywords that relate to your ads to help increase your ad quality score.

EMSC Landing Pages

At EMSC, we have created and currently monitor over 200 live landing pages for our clients across a variety of different industries. All our landing pages are designed with a focus on generating high quality leads for our clients, and we’ve seen great improvements (some increases by over 80%!) across accounts when website pages were swapped out for landing pages in ad campaigns.

In fact, when compared to the top 90th percentile conversion rates in the dentistry, legal, garage/roofing, HVAC, insurance, medical, and banking/credit industries, EMSC’s clients’ landing pages outperformed in each industry. For more information, visit our recent blog post.

Contact your Account Manager today if you’re interested in making the switch to customized landing pages for your ad campaigns!

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