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Just In: Long-Form Content

By now, we all understand the importance of content in helping your business thrive. But how long does content need to be in order to have an impact? While consistent blogs are always a good idea for increasing SEO and connecting with your audience, long-form content is becoming more and more important to the king of digital marketing: Google. According to serpIQ, the average content length for the first position on Google is roughly 2,450 words.

Longer Content = Better Rankings

It really is as simple as that. Long-form content, meaning 800+ words, allows for higher online visibility and the chance for link building within your site. When customers see long-form content on your website, it shows them that you are a credible business with an in-depth knowledge base. Longer content gives you more of a chance to develop a brand voice and a brand story that makes you stand out in the crowd. Plus, long-form content is also proven to get 68.1 percent more engagement and 22.6 percent more engagement on Facebook.

The Moral of the Story

Anyone can write short, bite-sized snippets of content on your business, but writing thought-out pieces of content is a great way to prove credibility with both your audience and with Google.

If you are interested in incorporating long-form content into your digital marketing plan, contact our team at EM Search Consulting today!

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