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The Value of Good UI/UX Design

User experience and user interface design is the umbrella that contains everything from research and planning through the designs and animations of your website’s interface. Before you panic, know that you don’t need a completely new site to consider improving your UI/UX. A few small tweaks can make a world of difference on your current site.

Good UX and UI increases ROI in a big way. A good user experience on a website leads to repeat customers, higher conversion rates, and enhanced credibility in your business.  

The Many Benefits

The benefits of a good UI and UX are not solely monetary, though. A well-crafted, simplistic and beautiful experience improves brand perception and also helps improve internal communication. It helps your team get on the same page when defining the goals of your website and the target user. 

One survey from a company that invests in UX research found that customers are more loyal to companies that have positive UX interfaces: 

  • 14.4% more willing to pay a premium
  • 15.8% more likely to remain with the brand 
  • 16.6% more likely to recommend the product or service

Quality user interface designs and user experiences are no longer optional – they are mandatory to stay ahead of your competition in our dynamic, digital world. Contact EM Search Consulting today to learn more about how your website could see improvements from a better UI/UX design.

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