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Using RLSAs Intelligently


Remarketing is a powerful tool that has come a long way. It allows us as businesses to capture some of the most valuable eyes browsing the web—those who have already viewed our sites and products. Early remarketing was known to have its flaws, but luckily the technology at Google AdWords has improved over the years. Google introduced RLSAs, or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads so that businesses could more intelligently target their remarketing efforts. RLSAs allow us to segment our audiences and customize our remarketing solutions for each list. Lists can be arranged in a variety of ways—from those who have merely visited your site, to those who have abandoned a shopping cart. Using RLSAs, you can designate different actions to each list. Different remarketing methods will be more profitable for different lists—which is why RLSAs are such a game-changer.

Using Generic Keywords

By modifying keyword choice for those who have already visited and converted on your site, you can recapture former customers for broader search terms. For example, if you are selling shoes and generally bid on specific keywords like “high heels”, you will likely be able to capture those who have previously purchased high heels from your website the next time they search “shoes”.

Optimizing Bids

RLSAs also help optimize bids. You can increase bids on existing keywords to enhance your position for those who have already been to your site or looked at certain products. You can even show certain ads to shopping cart abandoners. There is an option to increase your bid by a certain percentage for certain RLSAs.

Combine Automated Bids with RLSAs

Combining your Remarketing Lists for Search Ads with automated bid strategies, you can help increase your conversions by letting Google know which audience members are the most valuable to your website. This could be those who visit multiple times, or those who have spent a certain amount of time on your site. You will need to set up the Conversion Optimizer in your AdWords account in order to link automated bids with RLSAs. First, set up conversion tracking. Then create and add the remarketing list you would like to capture to the ad group of your choice. Then apply the automated bid strategy to that ad group. Now, sit back, and watch your conversions rise.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) have changed the way we remarket. Using them intelligently is key to capturing some of the most valuable people to your business. Make sure to identify which segments of your audience are most likely to convert, and plan your RLSA strategy accordingly. And of course, keep up on the ever-changing features and affordances of Google AdWords to optimize your strategy and rake in conversions!

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