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What Can I Expect From EMSC’s Reporting?

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Finding a Chicago SEO company that provides transparent reporting is vital to your online marketing success. Call EM Search Consulting to discuss your marketing strategy today!


Hi, I’m Emma Wargolet, I am the Digital Operations Lead here at EM Search Consulting meaning that I also do all of our reporting. You should be able to count on your digital marketing company to provide you real results without skewed or obscure data.

At EMSC, our reports include real analytics data, Google Ads, call tracking, keyword ranks anything that is a part of your account is a part of your report. We also include trends we are seeing. Conversion data, anything that we think would help with your account, things like that.

Also, your dedicated account manager, as well as your sales consultant, will be able to discuss with you further additional insights that can help your account. Their recommendations will be based in your account performance and what your current strategy is and how that can help you. We make sure clients are always aware of the work that we are doing, and reporting is a big part of that. In your report, we’ll include the actual results that are coming from our efforts.

If you feel that your company isn’t giving you the transparent reporting that you deserve, contact EM Search Consulting for a free consultation today.

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