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What is SEO? Scout Inman of EM Search Consulting, a Chicago SEO Company explains how SEO can improve your search engine rankings.


Hi, my name is Scout, I am the SEO Lead here at EM Search Consulting and I am going to be talking to you a little bit about search engine optimization, or SEO.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of organic website traffic and conversions to your website. Successful SEO strategies require a multifaceted approach, there is a lot of different techniques to employ, broadly the include keyword research, so choosing relevant keywords to your business and potential customers or clients, on page optimization and on page work, off page work user experience and user interface design changes and directory submissions. All of which should be employed for a successful digital marketing strategy. SEO matters because organic results matter. They dominate the search engine results page; they have a higher click through rate than paid advertising. In fact, 51% of organic website traffic comes from organic search.

SEO is one of the core competencies at EM Search Consulting. We’ve optimized over 150 local, regional and national businesses. Ranking on the first page of Google requires a multifaced approach, there is no one size fits all strategy. We employ a lot of different techniques, both technical and creative to make sure our websites get the highest organic visibility as possible.

The EMSC approach is to apply each of these strategies in a way that is customized to our clients. Our job to entrust and consider the nuances of those changes to give your website the best chance of success on the organic search engine results page.

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