Adrian Trela - Senior Digital Consultant

Adrian Trela

Adrian Trela - Senior Digital Consultant at EM Search Consulting

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Adrian has over 7 years of marketing experience, focusing on digital advertising and SEO for the past 5 years.

He previously worked in Public Affairs for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and in the print marketing industry. Adrian is a Chicago native and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. He loves traveling, comedy and film, and once while hiking in Tanzania was chased by a baby elephant. Adrian can run surprisingly fast when properly motivated.

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Online Behaviors Are Changing
10th April 2020

Online Behaviors Are Changing – Here’s What You Can Do.

Adrian Trela

The stay at home order has brought about many challenges for small businesses and EMSC remains committed to ensuring the health of our clients’ long […]

Using Live Chat Software
26th November 2019

The Benefits of Using Chat Software

Adrian Trela

Chat software is a great way to give site visitors an option to get in touch with a business and have their needs addressed immediately. […]

Benefits of Customized Website
24th April 2017

Benefits of a Customized Website

Adrian Trela

I think we can all agree that having a website that properly represents you is essential in 2017. While there are a ton of options […]

21st June 2016

What Is Your SEO Company Doing For You?

Adrian Trela

During my conversations with small business owners, I am often surprised with how often they are unaware of the work being done on their behalf […]

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