Molly Winn - QA Associate

Molly Winn

Molly Winn - QA Associate at EM Search Consulting

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With a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Molly is interested in why people do what they do. With experience in web content management and user experience testing, she enjoys analyzing data and website design. When she’s not working, Molly can be found in the burbs with her tree-hugging husband, teenage drama queen daughter, free-spirited baby girl and her temperamental dachshund.

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Value of Link Building

The Value of Link Building

There are often contradicting arguments about the importance of link building for SEO. Some will say that it’s an old practice and that Google is […]

Make Website More User-Friendly

Making Your Site More User-Friendly

A bad website = a poor customer experience. Let’s face it, your company’s website is your chance to reel in a new customer and ultimately […]

Parent-Focused Advertising

Parent-Focused Advertising

As the only mom in the office, I feel obliged to take on the task of writing about how our company can help prepare clients […]

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