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New Google Home Service Ads Coming to Chicago

If you are a Chicago home service provider, you know how important it is to display your business in a reputable way. Google Home Service Ads could be a game changer for your business. This new Google advertising feature has been tested on the West Coast and is soon to be available for Chicago businesses such as plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, HVAC contractors, and more. It is a low-cost feature that offers high conversion rates, saving your home service business advertising dollars!

Benefits of Utilizing Home Service Ads

Here is why your home service business needs this new Google feature:

  1. Only Pay for Quality Leads- Home service ads is a pay-per-lead program from Google, so your business will only pay for the qualified leads you acquire from the ad. Currently it is being offered as a compliment to pay per click programs. However, it is very different from the pay per click program with regards to the benefits it offers. The Home Service Ads will appear above traditional AdWords ads. If you want to be the among the first credible businesses seen when someone searches “plumber” on Google, for example, then it would be wise for your business to invest in this feature.
  2. Keep Up with Changing Market- Other online platforms, such as Angie’s List and Home Services, have been popular places to find respected businesses in the past, but their visits and leads have been diminishing as users rely more heavily on platforms like Google and Yelp. Although these other platforms should not be forgotten, you want to make sure you are investing your advertising dollars where you will see the most value. Google is the primary place homeowners search for services, and this new feature could display your business as one of the first credible options for homeowners.
  3. Prove You’re Not an Online Scam or Bad Advertiser- Especially in certain cities, it is not uncommon to find advertising scams from sketchy plumbers, locksmiths, and more. These new Home Service Ads have a vetting system in place to ensure only the certified, honest home service providers are recommended to users. It is the perfect way to show you are offering professional services at honest prices.
  4. Create a better user experience- The vetting process by Google will also help create a better user experience—looking at licenses, background checks, reviews, and ratings to guarantee the provider is legit. The homeowners and service providers both benefit from this feature because the service providers will be getting lower cost advertising methods with higher quality leads.

How to Get Your Business on New Home Service Ads

EM Search Consulting is a Premiere Google Partner with the expertise for all your digital marketing needs. To get your business started with Google Home Service Ads and more, contact EM Search Consulting today!

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