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25th June 2019

EMSC Turns 7

Brenna Koeneke

On June 28th, 2019, we officially turn 7 years old! Olin Erickson and Matt Makris founded EM Search Consulting in 2012. Ah, 2012. A time […]

11th June 2019

EMSC Gives Back

Brenna Koeneke

Event Info EMSC Gives BackDate: 7/25/2019Time: 1pm CTLocation: 330 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60607 There are roughly 10,000 families in Chicago that are homeless, […]

11th June 2019

Impression Share: What is it?

Brenna Koeneke

Your impression share is the number of impressions that you have received divided by the estimated number of impressions that you were eligible to receive. […]

04th June 2019

Are You New To Google Analytics? Here’s What To Look At:

Brenna Koeneke

When it comes to using Google Analytics, you may find yourself wondering what areas deserve your attention and what areas aren’t as important. If you […]

24th May 2019

What It Means to be a Google Premier Partner

Sebastian Herrera

When you sign up to work with our team at EM Search Consulting, you trust that we have the expertise to guide your business in […]

16th May 2019

Just In: Customer Testimonial GMB Posts

Brenna Koeneke

By now, we are all aware of the importance of customer reviews. Positive customer reviews are a testament to your business, helping to build brand […]

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