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Where Do You Direct Your Paid Traffic?

Directing paid traffic to your website can be an effective strategy, but did you know you can also direct your paid traffic to a conversion page (also known as a landing page)? A conversion page does exactly what it sounds like – it helps increase the likelihood of conversions from your ads. Consider the following:

Providing Information Quickly

Research shows you have 5 seconds, (if that), to grab your consumer’s attention and convince them to take action. A delay in providing specific information may result in a bounce. With conversion pages, you can easily match the intent of the ad with the copy on the page – quickly giving users relevant information and increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Different Pages Have Different Goals

Paid Traffic

Your website features a variety of information because it is the central hub for your business. On your website, you have all of your content, buttons to different links, and multiple goals to keep track of (contact forms, newsletter sign-ups, click-to-call buttons, etc).

A conversion page is a single page promoting one goal. It’s as simple as that. No outside links or unnecessary content, only what the user is looking for.

Targeting & Customization

One major advantage of digital marketing is the ability to target a specific audience via ads. If your ads target a certain user, you want to consider how tailored your ads’ destination is to that user as well.

Bringing a user to your website allows for a lot of exploration, but it can also cause distractions. Conversion pages help guide the user by giving them one message, one offer, and one call-to-action, making it easier for the individual to find relevant information.

Relevant Case Study

Paid Advertising - Case Study

Conversion pages are a great opportunity for many ad campaigns. If you want to learn more about how conversion pages can help improve your conversion rates, contact EMSC today.

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