A Creative 404 Page Design

There is nothing more annoying than getting an error when you click through to a website. The last thing you want is to create a negative experience for your website’s visitors. Designing a good 404 “Not Found” error page is a good way to ease back on your users’ frustration meter, which will increase the likelihood of them sticking around for a few more pageviews.  The North Face took their 404 Error Page to the next level by adding a little humor to an otherwise aggravating situation. Instead of screaming, “ERROR WILL ROBINSON!”, they use a “404 mascot”, which is a mountain goat, accompanied with the message, “THE PAGE YOU REQUESTED WAS EATEN.”

I had a laugh, then moved on with my life. I did however think of a few fun 404 pages for future projects.

View The North Face’s 404 error page here.

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