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Google Ad Extensions & How They Help Your Business

When it comes to your business ranking on Google, every competitive edge helps. One way to get an extra leg up on your competition is through AdWords Ad Extensions. Ad Extensions are extra snippets of information about your business that are added to text ads in AdWords. Examples of this type of information include your business’ phone number, location business ratings, promotions, messages and so much more. Extensions are highly customizable and add an invaluable benefit to your ads.

If you aren’t currently utilizing ad extensions, you are missing out on valuable real estate on the Google SERP.

Ads With Extensions vs. Ads Without

Google Ads Wothout Extensions

Above is an ad for “kitchen remodeling contractor in Chicago.” This ad does not have any site extensions. Now compare it to the ad below that does include ad extensions for the same search:

Google Ads With Extensions

The second ad for “kitchen remodeling contractor in Chicago” includes multiple Sitelink Extensions and a Location Extension. These are 2 of the 10 different types of extensions offered within Google Ads. It is important to note that not all extensions are shown automatically with every search. Google decides which extensions to show based on the user’s search and data within your Google Ad account so the most relevant ad appears.

How Can They Help?

Benefits of Google Ad extensions include:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Increase your clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Improve your Quality Score

Keep in mind that Google Ads selects what extensions to show based on what the individual searches on Google, so it is not automatic that your extension will be shown with every search.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Google Ad Extensions, please contact your account manager today!

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