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Holiday Social Media Etiquette

We are in the full swing of the holidays, meaning that your company’s social media is as well! As you know, what you post on your own personal page is not the same as what a business should post, and this rings true during the holiday season as well. There are specific rules to follow to be both professional and festive, such as generic greetings, planning your posts, and more.

What To Avoid

When you are posting to a business, you want to be entertaining, but keep in mind that you still want to be professional. Posting about your holiday party is a great idea, but don’t post any photos with alcohol. Take a group photo, which is important for engagement, but have everyone put their drinks down ahead of time. Additionally, use generic greetings to reach a larger audience. Instead of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah”, use “Happy Holidays”! That way, you get a blanket cover of all holidays instead of catering to just one group.

Plan Ahead

Typically, you won’t write social posts the day before you post them. Therefore, when you are writing posts either for your business or a client’s business, bring out a calendar or planner. That way, you can create the posts based on dates and won’t lose track of time to post about the holidays. Followers will also be more inclined to engage when the posts include holiday themes, such as how to decorate the home, a recipe, a picture of a pet in a Santa hat, etc., so keep this in mind while creating holiday posts.


Overall, the goal is to engage your followers and to spread some festive cheer! By utilizing generic greetings, and knowing what to avoid posting about versus what to post about, your company will be able to have great engagement. You can also consider boosting posts on Facebook if you want to spend a little bit of extra money.

If your business needs some extra help with their social media and/or digital marketing in general, contact EM Search Consulting! We can develop a digital strategy specific to your company-including great holiday posts!

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