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Importance of Proper Reporting

When you hire a company for a service, you may get a regular report on your progress. This is common for many services, from investment firms to any marketing agency. However, are you getting the most out of your reports? Sometimes, companies do not include enough information; or they include unnecessary information that prevents you from noticing the important facts and figures. In the confines of digital marketing, there are certain points that you should always be looking for when it comes to your reports.


If a company does not report on Analytics for your company, then you either have not given them access, or they are trying to hide something. Granted, Analytics traffic does fluctuate, and there are multiple reasons why traffic would be down for a month. However, a digital marketing agency ought to state why this is; whether it is because trends for your keywords are down, you sell a seasonal product, etc. Important figures include sessions, organic search, users, and more.


When you hire a digital marketing agency, keyword rankings are rather important, assuming you hired them for SEO. With the start of your program, you will likely have keywords that they will track; your report should include where the keywords ranked at the start of the program and where they are now. Your report should include how many are on the first page of results, and perhaps information about which keywords are doing the best and how the lower ranking keywords will be helped in the coming months.


With a digital marketing agency, you ought to be able to count on them for online advertising management, including Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. If you do invest in this, your report will have information such as impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, and more. For AdWords, the top keywords and landing pages will also be listed, as well as top ads and campaign groups. Facebook Ads don’t have as much information as AdWords, but you should still be able to see data about the ad, as well as Facebook posts in general.

Ultimately, showcasing the proper data and the comparisons month over month or year over year ought to be required of any digital marketing agency. At EM Search Consulting, we take pride in our transparent reporting. Additionally, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your monthly reports. If you are in need of a new digital marketing agency in Chicago, contact us today for a free SEO audit!


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