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Plumbing & Heating

Website Design, Search Engine Optimization & Pay-per-click advertising



Website Design, Search Engine Optimization & Pay-per-click advertising

Pearson is one of Northern Illinois’ leading contractors in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and pest control service.

Their ultimate goal is to keep their customers’ homes safe and comfortable, 365 days per year. With over 50 years of experience, Pearson continues to be well known throughout Northern Illinois for offering quality home services at competitive prices.


In the Total Number of Conversions YoY

increase in Revenue Growth

from the time we took this account

Achieved $21
Average Cost Per Lead in 2022

As per Google Average Cost per lead for Plumbers is around $35


in new to brand users

Organic traffic sessions
increased 178%

since February 2021

60% increase
in organic new users

in 2022 vs 2021


The Opportunity

Pearson Plumbing & HVAC was looking for a company to take over its entire digital marketing effort in early 2021. This would involve handling their PPC, SEO, and the creation of new landing pages in a comprehensive manner. The home services company wanted to focus primarily on

  • Improving conversion rate and bringing in new customers.
  • Bringing cost per lead down and making better use of their budget.

The Strategy

In March 2021, EMSC began working on the account by focusing on Pearson’s Cost Per Lead (CPL). The client was having difficulty lowering its CPL, so to reduce it, we made the following strides: 

  • Targeting the most relevant popular keywords (high volume) and long tail keywords (Low Competition & Low Cost) to focus on Pearson’s core services to get more conversions.
  • Split testing ads with Special offers for Retargeting users.
  • Using negative keywords to reduce waste.
  • Creating new landing pages with better calls to action.

Within a month, we were able to significantly increase lead volume by 30% while lowering their CPL.

The client was willing to spend more, but they wanted to reduce the cost per lead if they were going to spend more consistently. We were able to devise a strategy to restructure the account setup and begin ramping up the ad spend while lowering the cost per lead.

We more than tripled their website traffic and achieved #1 rankings for extremely competitive keywords throughout their campaigns.

PPC Results

Depending on the target locations and local competition, PPC for plumbers can be very expensive. 

That’s why it was paramount for our PPC team to ensure that all aspects of Pearson’s campaigns and their landing page funnel were, and continued to be, properly optimized. With the proper setup, management, and optimization, EMSC demonstrated that PPC for plumbers can be highly effective and profitable.

Our Results

Organic and SEO stats:

Organic traffic

sessions increased 178% since February 2021 vs the previous period (2/21 - 12/22 vs 3/19 - 1/21)

New users

increased by 184% during that time

Organic new users

60% increase in 2022 vs 2021

Organic new users

61% increase in 2021 vs 2020

Phone call goal completions

increased by 197%

Form submission goal completion

increased by 236%

First page of the desktop SERP

94 keywords ranking

First page of the mobile SERP

86 keywords ranking

Total Organic Sessions 2022


Total Organic Sessions 2021


Total Organic Sessions 2020


Clicks to the phone number

101% increase

Clicks to website

70% increase

Views on Google Search

211% increase

Views on Google Maps

60% increase

Categorical searches

206% increase

PPC Results

2246 Plumbing leads in 2022

vs 2021 total Plumbing leads were 1732

Total Number of Conversions YoY

30% increase

Revenue Growth

4X increase from the time we took this account.

$21 Average Cost Per Lead in 2022

Google Average Cost per lead for Plumbers is around $35.

New to brand users

55% increase


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