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Account Strategist

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Jane joined the EMSC team in Spring 2017 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and making the trek to Chicago.

She entered college as a fine arts major but soon realized she was much better suited for a strategic role with a creative flare. Jane now acts as a Senior Account Manager at EMSC for both SEO and Paid Advertising programs and truly loves working directly with her clients. When she’s not in the office, you can find her searching for a tv show she hasn’t seen, spending time at her family cabin in Minnesota, or front row at a concert for an artist you’ve never heard of.

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15th January 2020

The Importance of Landing Pages for Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

Jane Fleming

Landing pages are an indispensable part of paid advertising campaigns and more specifically, lead generation efforts. A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that is […]

17th September 2019

Your Google Ads Quality Score & Why It Is Important

Jane Fleming

To run a successful PPC campaign, it’s important to understand quality score and the influence it has on both the effectiveness and performance of your […]

29th March 2018

The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business

Jane Fleming

The Importance of Call Tracking For Your Business Online activity tracking is a staple for marketers and business owners in our current digital environment. When […]

15th July 2017

User Experience Can Make All The Difference

Jane Fleming

Whether you run a small local startup or a giant well-known company, your end goal is often the same – giving your users a positive […]

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