Emma Wargolet - Digital Operations Lead

Emma Wargolet

Digital Operations Lead

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Emma is the Digital Operations Lead at EMSC, and spends her days wearing many hats, including developing smarter processes for the internal workings of EMSC.

Her day to day is as varied as our list of clients, and includes reporting, accounting, SEO account management, new process creation, research of new vendors and software, and more. Her love of organization is paramount, and has previously given lessons on how to create the perfect planner.

Outside of work, you can find her consuming all the amazing food Chicago has to offer, creating intersectional feminist cross-stitches, winning Harry Potter trivia, making holiday cards months in advance, or visiting the newest brewery. Emma performs comedy throughout the city, whether solo or with her all-female team, TUNA. You can also listen to her two podcasts, Reel First Time and Death & All Her Friends!

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