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Landing Page Performance
31st January 2018

Elements to Improve Landing Page Performance

Erin St. Clair

Your landing page should be focused on the intent of the ad your visitors click on to view more information. The style and design of […]

Google's Search Ranking Factors
28th December 2017

Lesser-Known Search Rank Factors

Jake Stuba

The Information Age, otherwise known as the Digital Age, has ushered in a new approach to marketing. Today, digital marketing has a strong foothold in […]

Directory Listing Scams
30th November 2017

3 Common PPC Mistakes Beginners Make

Taylor Rascia

At EM Search Consulting, we work with a number of small businesses who are either just getting started with PPC or who have little experience […]

Importance of Proper Reporting
25th October 2017

Importance of Proper Reporting

Emma Wargolet

When you hire a company for a service, you may get a regular report on your progress. This is common for many services, from investment […]

Digital Marketing Budget
12th September 2017

Where Should I Allocate My Budget?

Taylor Rascia

There are so many marketing platforms online that it can feel overwhelming trying to decide where to spend your budget. You only have so many […]

Google Home Service Ads
30th August 2017

New Google Home Service Ads Coming to Chicago

Erin St. Clair

If you are a Chicago home service provider, you know how important it is to display your business in a reputable way. Google Home Service […]

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